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Robert Randolph is President of Century Strategies' direct marketing subsidiary, Millennium Marketing.

According to Randolph's Century Strategies' biography, "During the 2000 campaign cycle, Robert played a vital part in the George Walker Bush presidential election by producing nearly 6 million pieces of targeted mail in 18 of the battleground states. He also worked extensively with the Republican Party of Georgia and the Florida Republican House Caucus to win numerous state legislative and state senate campaigns. In 1999, Robert worked with the Republican Party of Virginia and played a key role in the historic Republican takeover of the Virginia General Assembly.

"Prior to joining Millennium, Robert was President of American Marketing and Publishing (AMP, Inc.). He founded AMP, Inc. in 1992 and began publishing The Virginia Conservative Magazine, a tabloid magazine dedicated to promoting Republican candidates and causes.

"The magazine featured conservative columnists such as Mona Charen, Walter Williams, Brett Bozell, Robert Novak, Thomas Sowell, and cartoonist Bob Gorrell. Over the years, it included exclusive interviews with well-known conservative leaders including Oliver North, NRA vice-president Wayne LaPierre, Governor George Allen, Senator John W. Warner, Congressman Tom Davis, State Senator Ken Stolle and State Senator Bill Bolling.

"From 1994-1998, he also published other magazines including Pennsylvania Conservative, Mississippi Conservative, Florida Conservative and California Conservative.

"Robert has designed and produced political direct mail for Governor George Walker Bush and Governor Tom Ridge(PA), Lt. Governor John Hager (VA), Senator John Warner (VA), Congressman Tom Davis (VA, NRCC Chair), Congressman Thomas D. DeLay (TX, GOP Whip), Congressman Bud Shuster (PA), Congressman Rick Lazio (NY Senate Candidate), Congressman Roger Wicker (MS), Congresswoman Anne Northup (KY), Congressman Clay Shaw (FL), Senator Bill Bolling (VA), Senator Steve Martin (VA), Delegate Chris Jones (VA), Delegate Terrie Suit (VA), Delegate Jo Ann Davis (VA), Delegate Roger McClure (VA), Delegate Allen Dudley (VA), and Harry Blevins (VA).

"In all, Robert has produced more than 35 million pieces of mail and worked on nearly 60 campaigns. Over the past decade, he has built a reputation as one of the most efficient and dependable political direct mail vendors in the country."