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Roger J. Burbach [1]


  • Imperial Overstretch: George W. Bush and the Hubris of Empire, (Zed Books and Palgrave Press, (2004) Co-authored with Jim Tarbell.
  • The Pinochet Affair: State Terrorism and Global Justice, (Zed Books and Transnational Institute, Fall, 2003).
  • September 11 and the U.S. War: Beyond the Curtain of Smoke, (San Francisco, Freedom Voices Press and City Lights Publishers, 2002), Co-edited with Ben Clarke.
  • Globalization and Postmodern Politics: Zapatistas Versus High Tech Robber Barons, (London: Pluto Press, January, 2001).
  • Globalize This! The Battle Against the World Trade Organization, (Monroe, ME, Common Courage Press, 2000) Edited with Kevin Danaher.
  • Globalization and Its Discontents (London: Pluto Press, 1997), Co-authored with Orlando Nunez and Boris Kagarlitsky.
  • Fire in the Americas, (London: Verso Press, 1987), Co-authored with Orlando Nunez.
  • Listen Companero, Interviews with Central American Revolutionary Leaders, Berkeley, CENSA, 1985.
  • The Politics of Intervention: The United States in Central America, (New York: Monthly Review/CENSA, 1984) Written and Edited with Patricia Flynn.
  • Agribusiness in the Americas, (New York: Monthly Review, 1980), Co-authored with Patricia Flynn.

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