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Ronald David Hood PhD. was a tobacco industry 'consultant' who lobbied for the industry while still lecturing at the University of Alabama. He was a collaborator of the brothers Philip and Ray Witorsch (respectively Georgetown Uni and Medical College of Virginia). They provided witness services for the tobacco industry and were prominent members of the tobacco scientific front called the Indoor Air Pollution Advisory Group (IAPAG) (Type-in Bates Number) 250137921 2021155766

Documents & Timelines

1989 Aug John Lyons of the Tobacco Institute was in charge of the recruitment of Academic ETS Scientific Consultants. The process or selecting new consultants is explained in this (and other) letters:

  • packets of literature on ETS were sent to prospecive consultants.
  • they examine the comments to see whether there is an 'anti-smoking bias'
  • If not, then they move to a second vetting
  • the lawyers from Covington & Burling have a discussion with them and explain the payment system and the control
  • those still indicating that they will consult with the tobacco industry will then pass through a training program (different at different times)
  • they then await assignments. (witness, letter-to-editor writing, articles, etc)
  • contact and payments are handled through the lawyers.

The industry is using the forthcoming McGill University ETS Symposium as a trial for some of their new recruits:

  • Dr.Ronald D Hood (uni of Alabama)was given the assignment of preparing a paper on the reproductive effects of passive smoking
  • Dr Wexler (New York Medical College) was to speak on ETS and cardiovascular disease
  • Dr Wu (New York Medical College) was to speak on possible causes of lung cancer in NON-smokers.

Lyon writes: The McGill conference is the focus of most of the academic ETS activity at this moment. After the conference, the consultants should be able to focus more directly on assignments for the Institute.

1990 Oct 11 The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) is holding hearings on the banning of smoking on interstate buses. These are the Tobacco Institute submissions: Critical comments were filed by

Salvatore R DiNardi , Ph.D., PHRA Incorporated;
Joseph L Fleiss , Ph.D., of Columbia University School of Public Health
Alan J Gross , Ph.D., of Medical University of South Carolina;
Howard Goodfellow , Ph.D., and Susan Eyre , MHSc., of Goodfellow Consultants, Inc.;
Gio B Gori , Director, Health Policy Center;
Larry C Holcomb , Ph.D., Vice President, Holcomb Environmental Services;
Ronald D Hood , Ph.D., University of Alabama,
Raphael J Witorsch , Ph.D., Medical College of Virginia,
Philip Witorsch , M.D., George Washington Unversity Medical Center;
Alan W Katzenstein , Katzenstein Associates;
S James Kilpatrick , Medical College of Virginia;
Peter N Lee , M.A., Director, P.N. Lee Statistics and Computing Ltd.;
Maurice E LeVois , Ph.D., Environmental Health Resources,
Maxwell W Layard , Ph.D., Layard Associates;
Ted A Loomis , M.D., Ph.D., Drill, Freiss, Hays, Loomis & Shaffer, Inc.;
Joe Pedelty , M.Sc, Holcomb Environmental Services;
Mark J Reasor , Ph.D., West Virginia University
James A Will , D.V.M., Ph.D.;
Jarnail Singh , Ph.D., Stillman College;
Paul Switzer , Ph.D., Stanford University;
John A Todhunter , Ph.D., FAIC, DABT, Science Regulatory Services International;
David A Weeks , M.D.; (Boise, Idaho physician; partner in Per-Med Corp. with S James Kilpatrick)
Lawrence M Wexler , Ph.D., New York Medical College;
Joseph M Wu , Ph.D., New York Medical College.

[Note: Every one of the above was a long-term tobacco industry shill.]

1991 The Tobacco Institute's "Public Affairs Files" has a list of Consultant:

Tobacco Institute Consultants 1991
Alan GrossAlan KatzensteinBernard LiebermanDave Brenton
Gail CharnleyWalter DeckerJosh DouglasJohn Doull
Joseph FleissLarry HalfenLarry HolcombGary Flamm
Howard GoodfellowKarl JonasJames Kilpatrick James Pedelty
Marvin GoodmanMilt MeckerMaurice LeVoisLawrence Wexler
Paul SwitzerJack PetersonMark ReasorRon Hood
David WeeksJames WillJospeh Wu

[Note: our strike-outs: Two names here are patently wrong: Jack Pedelty must be Joseph Pedelty ('Joe') of Holcomb Environmental Services, and Jack Peterson must be James H Peterson who is generally known as 'Jim'