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Biographical Information

"Rosie has always been a creative spirit. Throughout her rich and varied life, she has had three guiding themes; Art, Music and Dance, with curiosity about people and how they function making a fourth! Rosie has always been passionate for the right of individuals to be and to freely express themselves.

"Trained as a Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist she has over twenty years experience of individual client and group work and is currently running workshops and training therapists in Penninghame, London, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

"Rosie has creatively combined her experience of the body and the mind offering a blend of the healing arts, dance, music and art with psychotherapy. Rosie trained with Gabrielle Roth and is now teaching 5 Rhythms dance – reconnecting dance and spirit. She is also a fully qualified leader of Holotropic Breathwork workshops, certified by the founder Dr Stanislav Grof. Rosie is ever expanding her remit of expertise, with advanced bodywork training with Aneesha Dillon in Pulsation, a blend of Reichian Bodywork and Chakra work.

For pleasure, Rosie paints and plays Sousaphone in a local jazz band in Southern Spain, where she lives with husband Malise."[1]


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