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Roxanne Lawson "is an International Policy Campaigner for Friends of the Earth-US. At Friends of the Earth, Roxanne works to promote community rights related to natural resources and the environment on the African continent, with a particular emphasis on the impacts of international financial institutions and multinational companies.

"Prior to her work at Friends of the Earth-US Ms. Lawson worked for the American Friends Service Committee as the National Liaison to United for Peace and Justice, Stop the FTAA Coalition and AFSC's Life Over Debt Campaign aim at cancelling the illegitimate debt of African nations. She is a founding member of Black Voices for Peace, BEATS for PEACE, Anonymous No More, and United for Peace and Justice. She is a former President of the W. Montague Cobb Anthropological Society as well as a member of SUSTAIN, the American Anthropological Association, INCITE, the Society of Historical Archaeologists, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She serves on the board of the Africa International Youth Network, the UZIMA Africa Foundation of Nairobi Kenya, Black Lily Film and Music Festival and the 50 Years is Enough Network.

"She is a former featured Columnist focusing on Womanist Issues for the Hilltop and has written for Blu, Planet, and Peaceworks magazine. She has also contributed to and and YRB, an underground magazine on culture, music, street fashion and hip-hop; as well as various other periodicals devoted to politics and political thinking." [1]

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