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Roxie Merritt is Director of New Media Operations at the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs in the U.S. Department of Defense. Merritt's office hosts the Bloggers' Roundtable.[1]

In May 2006, Merritt was identified as spokeswoman for America Supports You.[2]

In November 2005, U.S. Navy Captain Roxie Merritt was identified as "the director of Pentagon press operations.[3]

Embedded reporting

In April 2004, U.S. Navy Captain Roxie Merritt "explained the benefits of embedded reporting" to government students at the College of William and Mary.

"Our country has seen a widening gap from between the civilian and military segments of the population. Since the abolition of compulsory military service during the Kennedy administration, most American citizens do not know what the military is like and, explained Capt. Merritt. Embedded reporting helps put the general populace back in touch with the military world. …"

Regarding the matter of "institutionalizing public relations officials institutionalizes public relations as a policy-making component. Roxie Merritt addressed this issue directly: PR officials have evolved from providing information to waging PR campaigns for a target audiences. … Simply said, PR officials have assumed the role of marketing and 'selling' security policy to the U.S. public. …"[4]


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