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Rubicon International is a private military company founded in 1996 and registered the following year in Britain by Maj. John Davidson[1], a fifteen year veteran of the army with experience advising oil and mining companies in Africa. Rubicon is a member of the British Security Industry Association and the London Chamber of Commerce Defence and Security Committee. [2][3] Rubicon was bought by Aegis Defence Services on October 25, 2005 and John Davidson joined their board.[1]

Concerning the current laws governing contractors in war, Operations Director Wayne Wilcox acknowledges they are authorized to use "the force you need to get out of trouble, [but] if you hurt an innocent bystander along the way, I don't know what happens." [4]

Since their beginning, Rubicon has offered consultation services in over 50 countries including hot spots in Afghanistan, Algeria, Colombia, East Timor, Georgia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Spain, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.[5]

Among the services they offer include risk & crisis management, assessment and response; corporate security; asset and personal protection; security training; intelligence capablities; and security systems including CCTV, access control and physical security. [6] They were contracted by Erinys International Ltd. to aid in recruitment and administrative duties in their past deal guarding oil lines in Iraq.[7][8] They also provide security measures for British Petroleum and Motorola. [9]

Rubicon hires mostly from the SAS, especially those with experience in Northern Ireland. Rubicon's Director, Maj. Gen. Bob Hodges was the former Commander of British Land Forces in Northern Ireland and has experience with guerrila style, urban warfare. [10][11]


Contact info before sale to Aegis (no longer active)

Rubicon International Services Limited
70 Upper Richmond Road
SW15 2RP
Phone: +44 (0)20 8874 0055
Fax: +44 (0)20 8874 5522
Email: info AT rubicon-international DOT com

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