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Ruth W. Messinger "is the President of American Jewish World Service, an international development agency. Previously Ruth was active in local politics in New York for two decades, serving as a Council Member and as Manhattan Borough President. She was the Democratic Party candidate for Mayor of New York City in 1997.

"Messinger’s areas of expertise include: democracy and civic participation, urban policy and politics, social welfare, education, employment and tax policy. She is a social worker by professional training, and has taught in several MSW programs and is one of the leading advocates and effective spokespersons for the growing role of social workers in politics.

"The organization Ms. Messinger directs provides humanitarian aid, technical assistance and skilled volunteers to local grassroots groups in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Russia, and the Ukraine in projects involving health, education, agriculture, micro enterprise, economic development, human rights and civil society." [1]

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