Rwandan Association for the Defense of Human Rights

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The Rwandan Association for the Defense of Human Rights (ARDHO) Association Rwandaise pour la Défense des Droits de l'Homme was "formed on September 30-31 1991..

"ARDHO has some of the best office space and equipment which it shares with CLADHO. The President of ARDHO, Alphonse Nkubito, is also the President of CLADHO. There are 260 members of which 70 are in Commissions. Nevertheless, many members are inactive. The Permanent Secretary of ARDHO was also trained as a jurist. He is assisted by a secretary/researcher. ARDHO is actively working to open offices outside the capital. It now has chapters in Butare, Cyangugu and Kibuye. One major current project of ARDHO is to collect and distribute information throughout the country through the chapters it plans to create and through a bulletin. Another project involves training and education among teachers and students.". [1]

Received a grant from Rights and Democracy in 1993 worth $20,000 "The Association rwandaise pour la d‚fense des droits de l'homme is establishing a national human rights monitor with several local chapters to ensure the collection, analysis, centralization and publication of information on human rights violations." [3]

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