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Ryan Knoll is a co-founder and partner of RSC Partners, a Los Angeles based PR firm.[1]

Prior to this, Knoll was Vice President with Dezenhall Resources between 1998 and approximately January 2006.[2][3]


According to the biographical profile posted on the company website in 2006, after Knoll graduated from Georgetown University he worked at Hill & Knowlton and "during the 1992 election cycle, as a research analyst and speechwriter at the Republican National Committee." He subsequently worked as a mergers and acquisitions representative for CliniCorp, Inc., a Florida based physician practice management company and then, in 1994, was a founder of Complete Wellness Centers (CWC), a healthcare management company where he was Vice President of Operations.[2]

PR Campaigns

In 2003 he was one of the two senior Nichols-Dezenhall staff proposed to have carriage of "an agressive awareness campaign" for the American Chemistry Council to counter growing support for the adoption of the precautionary principle in the regulation of chemicals.[4]

Articles and Resources

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