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Rybnik Power Station is a 1,720-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station on the outskirts of Rybnik, Poland.

A new 500 MW gas-fired unit has been proposed for the power station.


The undated satellite photo below shows the Rybnik Power Station in Silesia.

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Rybnik Power Station is a subcritical coal plant owned by the Polish power company EDF Group. It consists of eight units of 200 to 225 MW each, commissioned from 1972 to 1978.[1]

In October 2017, PGE Group acquired the Polish assets of EDF, on condition that PGE sells most of the electricity generated by the Rybnik coal plant via the power exchange.[2]

In 2018, PGE said it will close 450 MW of coal-fired capacity at the plant by 2021, because of pending EU clean air standards.[3]

Proposed power station

In 2011 EDF proposed constructing a new 910 MW supercritical coal-fired power plant at the site. The project would involve the replacement of the four oldest units at the existing Rybnik plant, in line with EU environmental directives requiring the shutting down of the oldest production units from 2016. The new unit would burn 10% biomass and cost about 1.8 billion euros.[4]

In December 2012 EDF stated that the project was suspended due to projected decreases in energy demand and support for coal plants, and the decision by the European Commission not to allow the new Rybnik coal-fired unit to be included in the National Investment Plan of the Republic of Poland, Preventing EdF from getting CO2 emission allowances as allowed under Art 10c of the EU ETS directive.[5]

According to the NGO Banktrack: "The economic case for shelving the project is increasing. As of February 2012 both EdF and the Polish authorities exert strong pressure upon the European Commission to modify its decision from 13th of July 2012 and the company is heavily lobbying the Polish law-makers to maintain the current support for co-firing. Were the EDF to continue with the investment and the new unit completed it would produce approximately 4,7 million tones of CO2 per year."[5]

It is believed that in 2013 EDF will decide whether to abandon the project or begin construction.[5]

In July 2013 EDF maintained its decision to suspend the new plant. In the meantime, EDF will invest EUR300m in modernizing four existing units, which would produce approximately 4.7 million tons of CO2 per year,[6] and extend the lifespan of the four coal-fired units by around 15 years.[7]

In November 2015 it was reported that EDF wants to sell its Rybnik power station. If sold, there is a possibility that the once proposed new unit at Rybnik could be brought back to life by the buyer.[8]

In October 2017, PGE Group acquired the Polish assets of EDF, on condition that PGE sells most of the electricity generated by the Rybnik coal plant via the power exchange.[9]

PGE has proposed adding a new 500 MW gas unit at one of its locations, including Rybnik.[10]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: PGE Group
  • Parent company:
  • Developer:
  • Location: Rybnik, Silesian, Poland
  • Coordinates: 50.13333, 18.52361 (exact)
  • Status: Proposed
  • Capacity: 500 MW
  • Type: Combined cycle gas
  • Start date:
  • Source of financing:

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