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Sandefer Capital Partners is a U.S. based investment company.

In February 2004 they announced that they would takeover Southern Pacific Petroleum (SPP), an ailing company that had been attempting to develop oil shale deposits in North Queensland. The project had been opposed by Greenpeace and other environmental groups due to its greenhouse gas emissions and the company's refusal to relinquish leases over shale deposits that extended to within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

In October 2004, documents released under the Australian Freedom of Information (FoI) Act[1] showed that the Australian Government had offered financial support to SPP on the condition that it launch legal action against Greenpeace.[2] No legal action was initiated.

Sandefer used Weber Shandwick to assist it with media work.

Download Sandefer media release regarding takeover of SPP here.

Download Australian Government e-mail regarding legal action against Greenpeace here.

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