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"When Sanford was 31, he had a "wake up call" which ignited his passion for self-development and his interest in the use of technology to support development of higher consciousness. He co-founded MindCenter Corporation, which used brainwave biofeedback technology to help users gain voluntary control over their alpha brainwave state. Eventually he discovered the HeartMath organization and their technology for developing higher coherence, which he now uses daily.

"Sanford lived in an intentional community for 7 years and built a life and relationship coaching practice with his former wife. He participated in the “Men’s Movement” and helped establish the New Warrior Training Adventure (currently called “The ManKind Project”) in the San Francisco Bay area.

"Sanford's professional career began upon his graduation as an MBA from Stanford Business School, which led to his becoming a CPA. He then had a professional career spanning 25 years in financial management of small businesses, including participating in three startups and raising venture capital. Sanford holds a BS degree in physics from Stanford and served as a Lieutenant in the nuclear submarine force for six years. "[1]

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