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The Saudi Institute describes itself as "an independent, nonpartisan organization that disseminates solid information about Saudi Arabia and produces thoughtful analyses of Saudi politics and international relations. Based in Washington, DC, the Institute is at the center of a global network of reliable individuals, some of whom, due to the closed nature of the Saudi political system, have no other outlet for their views. In order to fulfill this mission, the Institute:

  • "Convenes conferences in Washington, where informed analysts debate major issues concerning Saudi Arabia and US-Saudi relations.
  • "Conducts independent research and investigations, reports of which are posted on its website,
  • "Fosters a deeper understanding of Saudi Arabia among Washington policymakers and members of the press corps by providing them with up-to-date and exclusive information, and by putting them in contact with reliable analysts.
  • "Sponsors task forces whose reports help define the foreign policy agenda."[citation needed]

Contact information

The Saudi Institute
1900 L Street NW Suite 309
Washington DC 20036

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