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Sayyed Nadeem Kazmi

"A law graduate, Nadeem has worked in human rights advocacy and humanitarian development since 1991. He is currently Head of International Development at Al-Khoei Foundation, London and New York (where he represents the latter at the United Nations), and is a consultant to HRH Prince El-Hassan bin Talal.

"Nadeem is active in promoting interfaith relations and is a member, inter alia, of Amnesty International’s UK Ethnic Minorities Working Group, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and the Toda Institute, Hawaii. After the tragic events of 7/7 Nadeem was a member of taskforce on Preventing Extremism and Terrorism (PET) under the auspices of the Home Office.

"He is also editor of the current affairs Islamic monthly, Dialogue. He has written essays and chapters for, among others, The Yearbook on Islamic and Middle Eastern Law (SOAS, University of London), Orbit (the magazine of Voluntary Services Overseas), The Guardian newspaper, The Independent, Science and Theology News, The Bridge, and Voluntary Voice. Nadeem is also director of the film 'Ten Days' and is currently producing two films, 'Pilgrims of Punjab' and 'August Lebanon'." [1]

"Sayyed Nadeem Kazmi has worked to highlight the plight of southern Iraq's inhabitants, particularly the Marsh Arabs, since the early 1990s. His humanitarian work focuses on human rights and social development advocacy. Kazmi is the head of international development at Al-Khoei Foundation and a consultant on human rights and humanitarian affairs. He is an advisor to the Amnesty International UK Ethnic Minorities Working Group and Director of the American Islamic Congress." [2]

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