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"Founded in 2007, School Food Matters has been working with schools to ensure they get the best out of their school meal services and to deliver quality food education. As a small charity, we partner with organisations such Food for Life Partnership, FFL Catering Mark and Sustain in order to scale up our reach...

"With the support of the Daylesford Foundation we are now able to offer our member schools the additional service of getting them on the Food for Life Partnership Awards ladder. We will work with member schools to ensure that they are awarded for their good work so that they can act as ambassadors for others.

"We have devised the Award Support programme with the Daylesford Foundation as we have found that some Heads, despite doing great work, have not applied for a Partnership award. This is significant because we need good practice to be emulated. One Head summed this up most eloquently “We don’t prioritise food to get awards but because it’s the best thing we can do for our children. We went through the Food for Life Partnership process because awards encourage other schools to follow our lead.”

"In the 2013/14 academic year our target is to progress 15 schools on the Food for Life Partnership journey. As a minimum they will have enrolled in the programme, become part of the Partnership’s community and be benefiting from free on-line resources. If already enrolled, we will move them onto a bronze award and onwards up the awards ladder. We will be reporting on our progress in our monthly “School Report” for the Daylesford Foundation website celebrating the steps our member schools have taken towards a Partnership award."[1]


On March 14, 2012

"School Food Matters has entered into some collaborative campaigning to save school food standards, with Jamie Oliver at the helm.

"Parliamentary push has come from Zac Goldsmith MP in the form of EDM 2854 , calling for the mandatory school food standards to apply to all schools without exemption. ...Together School Food Matters, Jamie Oliver Foundation, Children's Food Campaign, LACA and Food for Life Partnership have launched the Save our School Food Standards campaign and will be asking parents, teachers, health professionals and anyone else who cares about children's health and well-being to lobby their MPs to sign the EDM.

"School Food Matters founder, Stephanie Wood said "I wrote to Zac Goldsmith back in November after seeing Jamie Oliver on BBC Breakfast . Parents needed somewhere to go to express their concerns about the erosion of school food standards and a collaborative campaign seemed like the way to go. We're delighted that Zac has tabled this EDM as it gives the campaign a focus. Parents can now lobby their MPs to sign at"" [1]

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Accessed October 2013: [2]



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