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Scott Kennedy

According to Discover the Networks: "The former Mayor of Santa Cruz, California, Scott Kennedy regularly used his position in government to push a pro-Islamist agenda. As Vice Mayor, he wrote a letter to Days Inn condemning the latter's interest in a seaside hotel located in a Jewish section of the Gaza Strip. As a Council Member, he wrote a letter to then-Vice President Al Gore, calling on him to refrain from using the Islamic term for holy war, "jihad," in a negative fashion. Kennedy has compared the creation of the state of Israel, which he calls "the catastrophe," to the Holocaust. He was a co-founder of the Resource Center for Nonviolence in Santa Cruz, and he is a leader of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) Interfaith Peace-Builders Delegation." [1]

"Scott Kennedy, cofounder and staff member of the Resource Center for Nonviolence, will receive the 2008 El-Hibri Peace Education Prize the first week of October in Washington, DC. The annual prize is given by the El-Hibri family, Nonviolence International, and the International Peace and Conflict Resolution program at American University." [2] "The Honorable Sam Farr of California entered a congratulatory statement in the Congressional Record which paid tribute to Mr. Kennedy and compared his work to that of Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela as a “…true man of peace…”" ... "Mr. R. Scott Kennedy is a co-founder of Witness for Peace, the Resource Center for Nonviolence and Interfaith Peacebuilders, which have sent educational delegations to countries around the world to those countries whose people suffer from conflict, lack of educational opportunities, and social injustice." [3]

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