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Scott L. Wheeler is executive director of the National Republican Trust PAC.[1] He was previously a contributing writer (2002-2004) for Insight, a national biweekly newsmagazine published by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's News World Communications.


"Investigative reporter Scott Wheeler joined Insight in August 2002, before which he enjoyed a far-ranging and often risky career as a television and radio journalist.

"From 1996 to 2002, Scott served as a correspondent and later chief correspondent for American Investigator, a monthly TV newsmagazine of investigations into international breaking-news stories. Among the stories Scott covered for the show were NATO action in the former Yugoslavia and the transfer of 'dual-use' technology to the People's Republic of China by American defense contractors.

"Prior to his television career, Scott served as producer, host and reporter for Reporter's Journal, a syndicated daily talk-radio program featuring exposés of daily news events. Scott also has served as investigative bureau chief for Radio America.

"Scott writes predominantly on U.S. national-security issues for Insight. Highlights of his reports to date have included investigations into the threat posed to the United States by Caribbean-based terrorist organizations and the adoption by international terrorists of combat tactics pioneered by the U.S. military."[2]

Re Reporter's Journal

At Reporter's Journal out of Johnstown, Colorado, "Wheeler was eventually replaced by an infomercial. He has gone on to a position with Paul Weyrich's National Empowerment Television and [Christopher] Ruddy's handlers have made him a minor media star."[3]

By Scott L. Wheeler

Video documentary

  • 1997: The Mena Cover-Up; Drugs, Deception and the Making of A President: "This riveting story tells of drugs, guns, money laundering, blackmail and murder. American heroes such as Arkansas State Police Investigator Russell Welch, I.R.S. Federal Agent Bill Duncan, journalist Scott Wheeler and others, put their reputation, jobs, and lives on the line to make this revealing documentary possible."[4]

"American Investigator" Video Documentaries

  • 1999: Gunrunner's Suite: "exposed a smuggling operation on American soil to send armaments to the terrorist government of Libya."[5]
  • 2000: Trading with the Enemy: "an investigative documentary with new revelations on dangerous U.S. weapons technology transfers to the Communist Chinese government, and links to Clinton and Democratic Party illegal fundraising."[6]
"Some journalists had more information on the terrorist threat to America than the FBI or CIA. ... What remains to be investigated is whether the previous Clinton Administration had a deliberate policy of turning a blind eye to these terrorist activities on American soil. One journalist who investigated one aspect of this problem was Scott Wheeler, chief correspondent for the American Investigator television program. Wheeler's 1999 documentary, Gunrunner's Suite, exposed a smuggling operation on American soil to send armaments to the terrorist government of Libya."


  • "Defense Inspector General Faked Records," Washington Times, June 6, 2001. (Article cites a GAO review of falsified peer review documents prepared by the DOD Inspector General.) Note: Article has not been located online.





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