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Severine von Tscharner Fleming is the "Director, Provisional Producer, Agrarian" for The Greenhorns.

"Severine von Tscharner Fleming is a farmer, activist and organizer based in the Hudson Valley, NY. Over the past two years she has produced + directed a documentary film about the young farmers who are reclaiming, restoring, retrofitting and respecting this country of ours. That film, titled "The Greenhorns" grew into a small nonprofit organization that currently produces events, media and new media for and about the young farming community. Greenhorns mission is to "recruit, promote and support" the growing tribe of new agrarians. To that end, Greenhorns runs a weekly radio show on Heritage Radio Network, a popular blog, a wiki-based resource guide for beginning farmers, a GIS-based mapping project, and dozens of mixers+ educational events for young farmers all around the country. Greenhorns actively works to provide venues for networking, collaboration and communication within their large, and growing! network. Severine attended Pomona College and University of California at Berkeley where she graduated with a B.S. in Conservation/AgroEcology. She co- founded the Pomona Organic Farm and founded UC Berkeley's Society for Agriculture and Food Ecology and is a proud co-founder of the National Young Farmers Coalition."[1]

Severine's Modus operandi is to:

  • "Support, Promote and Recruit young farmers in America.
  • Direct a documentary film about young farmers demonstrating their professional bravery, service and and stewardship-ethic.
  • Run a non-profit young farmers advocacy organization and national coalition for voicing a political agenda.
  • Cultivate the 'cultural cool' of agriculture, start a series of agrarian pageants.
  • Generate conference-based programming and events for young farmers and food producers.
  • Employ new/online media to create venues for sharing within the young farmer community.
  • Save up money to buy my own farm, meanwhile, grow organic fruit, herbs, vegetables, pigs, rabbits, goats, laying hens on other people's land."[2]


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