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"Shahin was born in Semnan and grew up in Mashhad, Iran in 1967. He received his bachelor in Petroleum Process Engineering from Sharif University of Technology (1989) and his Master in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering from University of Petroleum Industries (1991).

"He was an associate professor in Ferdowsi University (1992) for a short period then in Tehran Azad University from 1993 to 1997. Simultaneously, he was working in National Iranian Oil Company. He was a main member of the National Committee of Energy.

"He worked for oil companies in United Kingdom from 1997 to 2005 and moved to USA in September 2005 to continue working in oil industry in Houston. His name was included in Who is Who’s list of 2004.

"Shahin started studying history from young age. He has written several articles on Shahnameh (Iranian national epic), ancient and contemporary history of Iran. With some other cultural activists, he founded “The nights of Thought and Talk” in Houston in 2007. He has also been teaching in workshop of Shahnameh since 2008 which is a continuous research on Iranian mythologies, epic, history and old texts of Pahlavi and Farsi. He was interviewed by Iranian radio and TV stations broadcasting out of Iran about historical topics and modern history of Iran.

"In 2011, he published his book (The dramatic decline after the climax) in Persian language which is a research on Sassanid Iran collapse against Muslims invasion based on Roman, Armenian, Arab and Persian historians’ accounts and resources. The study is a conceptual and analytical research free of ideological and political biases.

"He is currently working on a project with Leicester University which is Ph.D. thesis under the title of “Sassanid Iran and Eastern Roman Empires as the East & West representatives of the era: Coexistences, Conflicts and Interactions”." [1]

In 2017 he spoke at the London Forum. [1]

Shahin Nejad is a petroleum engineer, a lecturer in history, and the author of several books including "Decline after the Summit" covering the collapse of Sassanid Iran after the 7th century Arab-Muslim invasion, and "The Political Philosophy of Aryan Imperium" which looks at the possibility of reviving ancient Persian concepts of sovereignty and statehood within Greater Iran. He is the leader of the Iranian Renaissance movement.

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