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Sharon Tanemura Maynard, "born in Western Canada, brings a unique international flavor to Arcos Cielos and its innovative programs. Through her Japanese cultural background, she is skilled at bridging Eastern and Western Viewpoints, and integrating them into programs for new ways of thinking and effective action. Her educational background includes an ARCT Degree from Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music. and studies in Communications at Simon Frasier University in Vancouver. She also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University the Trees Consciousness Research Institute. Her unique gifts in the areas of Financial and Creative Structuring were passed on to her from her grandfather, who was a Buddhist Priest. Sharon’s special abilities have been a key factor in many of the breakthroughs incorporated into the Transformative Programs developed at Arcos Cielos Research Center." [1]

Her husband is Elliott Maynard.

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