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Sheri Herndon "is a media activist with 12 years experience producing media and educating people about the power of radical and independent media to promote social change. She was News Director at KCMU Public Radio in Seattle for four years where she developed a news program that became one of Seattle's most progressive and vibrant activist information sources. As a cofounder of the Independent Media Center in 1999, she focuses on developing the global Indymedia network and promoting more democratic forms of communication, as well as increasing access to appropriate information technology in disenfranchised communities. Over the past 2 years, she has spoken on the vital links between self-determination, cultural expression, and communication models that create and sustain public spaces for dialogue, understanding, and the practice of true democracy. As a radical media strategist and network developer, she currently works to preserve open spaces on the airwaves, the Net and in the community, and to promote the network form of organizing.

"Sheri previously worked in the corporate legal world and is pursuing a Ph.D in Comparative Literature. She is on the board of several media oriented nonprofits, including Earth On-the-Air Independent Media (EOAIM), and is a cofounder of the Seattle Independent Media Coalition (SIMC) and Community Powered Radio (CPR).

"Sheri is interested in developing the Indymedia organizational model on both the social and digital network levels. Two years ago there was only one IMC: today the network has grown to 80 sites in over 17 countries. Indymedia is truly one of the most interesting international decentralized networks in existence and promises to provide an abundant and fertile ground for democratic decision-making models on the global level." [1]

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