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Shoman Foundation

"There are many telling symbols ingrained in the story of the establishment of Arab Bank, the benefactor of Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation. For this Bank, which celebrated its seventieth anniversary in 2000, began in the city of Jerusalem as a small office but a big dream, to grow into one of the largest Arab and international financial institutions, and to have branches today in the world’s six continents.

When Arab Bank took the initiative to set aside a portion of its annual profits to set up the Foundation in 1978, in the name of Abdul Hameed Shoman, founder of Arab Bank, it was in fact seeking to create an institution through which to honor the principles that this visionary entrepreneur stood for, foremost among them, his deep belief in the importance of exerting maximum efforts to lay down the foundation of Arab progress, by supporting the national economy, and at the same time, paying utmost care to encouraging scientific research and humanities studies. This stems from the conviction that the way for uplifting Arab society depends on simultaneously building a scientific base and focusing on cultural enlightenment." [1]

Directors (from 2002)

Accessed October 2009: [2]



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