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Sinclair Thomson Associate Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D. 1996. [1] His dissertation was funded by the SSRC and the Fullbright-Hayes Fellowship. [1]

Select Publications

  • "Revolutionary Horizons: Past and Present in Bolivian Politics", co-authored with Forrest Hylton, Verso 2007
  • "The Chequered Rainbow," co-authored with Forrest Hylton, New Left Review, September-October 2005
  • “Was There Race in Colonial Latin America?: Identifying Selves and Others in the Insurgent Andes,” in Laura Gotkowitz, ed., Race, Culture, and Power in the Andes and Mesoamerica: From “Purity of Blood” to Indigenous Social Movements, volume under consideration by Duke University Press
  • Ya es otro tiempo el presente: Cuatro momentos de insurgencia indígena, co-authored with Forrest Hylton, Felix Patzi, and Sergio Serulnikov, with introduction by Thomson and Hylton, and prologue by Adolfo Gilly, La Paz: Muela del Diablo, 2003
  • “Revolutionary Memory in Bolivia: Anticolonial and National Projects from 1781 to 1952,” in Merilee Grindle and Pilar Domingo, eds., Proclaiming the Revolution: Bolivia in Comparative Perspective,Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2003
  • We Alone Will Rule: Native Andean Politics in the Age of Insurgency.Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2002.

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