Society for Protection for Unborn Children

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The Society for Protection of Unborn Children is presumably a UK anti-abortion group. It is mentioned in the register of members' interests under the name Society for Protection for Unborn Children [1]

It is also against euthanasia, and is opposed to the proposed European Constitution having a 'charter of fundamental rights', fearing that this might be used to strike down anti-abortion laws should she ever get these in place. [2]

"SPUC is an affiliate of the International Right to Life Federation, founded in 1984, and provides some of its officers. " [3]

It has a section for members of the conservative party ([4]) and a section for muslims ([5]).

It has several associated organisations including The SPUC Educational Research Trust, British Victims of Abortion (BVA) and The Anna Fund.

Society for the Protection of Unborn Children,
5-6 St Matthew Street,