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Soldiers for the Truth states that its "website provided the conduit for the key contact when William Lawson, the uncle of one on the MP's facing charges [regarding the alleged acts of brutality, abuse and torture at Abu Ghraib Enemy Prisoner of War camp], and a retired USAF Master Sergeant, contacted Roger Charles who was working as a consultant with 60 Minutes II. Roger had placed a request for information about the involuntary discharge of four Reservists from the 320th MP Battalion on the SFTT web site. An automatic response link went straight to Charles. [1]

"Information provided by Lawson and follow-up contacts allowed the CBS production team to develop additional information about the 372nd MP Company, the 320th MP Battalion and the 800th MP Brigade. The subsequent intensive investigation produced the 60 Minutes II program seen on April 28 [2004] that exposed the abuses at Abu Ghraib, including the now historical photographs." [2]

See Abu Ghraib: Charges Against Military Personnel.

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