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Background and business career

Solitaire Townsend is a director and founder of Futerra Public Relations ,and Futerra Sustainability Communications. She is a formal consultee on DEFRA's Green Claims Code. She is a meber of the United Nations Sustainable Lifestyles Taskforce, a board member of Tomorrow's Company, and has been appointed Chair of the OFGEM Green Energy Scheme, launched in February 2010.

She has a Masters Degree in Sustainable Development but is on record as saying "Definitions of sustainability are not always useful. It means different things to different people but, communicated in the right way, it’s important to everyone." Another stated goal is "to revitalize the way businesses view sustainability, using the tools of marketing and PR to make the message of sustainability more appealing." She also claims she never works on an account that doesn’t directly contribute to environmental or social sustainability.


Townsend is critical of environmentalists 'Rather than turn people on to the vast opportunities and enjoyment sustainable lifestyles can bring, they have turned people off,'she says[2]. On BBC Radio she claimed to have made "a speech to nearly 200 really hard core, deep environmentalists " whose motivations she claimed were false.[3] Townsend refused to enter into any correspondence and did not provide any substantiation to her claim[4] She is an advocate of the market approach to behavioural change, which she favours over identity campaigning to address Global Warming. She has contributed to an article in Inside Track[5] the publication of the Green Alliance

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