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Sonoran Energy, Inc. "is a US-based independent oil and gas company that is building a diversified portfolio of high value assets in North America, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Caspian region." [1]

Iraqi oil

"Sonoran Energy has signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with a company operating in Iraq to develop oil and gas opportunities in Iraq. The initial MOU with Al Azharan Group will lead to the establishment of a partnership operation specializing in the oil and gas exploration and production activities within this lucrative Iraqi market.
"Al Azharan ("AZI") is a well-established company in Iraq with over 28 staff located at its main office in Baghdad, and a further 350 employees present at the Company's various projects throughout the country. AZI brings to the table an extensive network of high-level contacts in Iraq's Oil and Gas sector, as well as within the local government. Currently, AZI has over US$ 40 million in contracts in progress, with an additional potential of $130 Million under current negotiations.
"Together with AZI Sonoran Energy intends to assemble a portfolio of oil and gas assets for Sonoran to firmly establish the Company's presence in the Iraqi market.
"This strong local representation is a first step and important catalyst to the successful identification and winning of major projects in Iraq. The partnership will target the most interesting and profitable oil and gas projects available, thus setting Sonoran Energy to be an important player in the Iraqi oil industry once the political and security vision clears for international investments." [2]







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