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Users and IP numbers that make malicious changes to the SourceWatch will be blocked. If you find a page that has been vandalized, please report it here. Be sure to include: (1) the name of the page, and (2) the user ID or IP number of the individual responsible for the vandalism.

A "malicious change" consists of deliberate deletion of serious content, use of gratuitous profanity or other abusive language, or insertion of material that is clearly false, inaccurate and unfair. Typographical errors and good-faith efforts to contribute will not be considered vandalism, even if the contribution expresses opinions with which you disagree.

A single instance of (possibly accidental) vandalism is not generally sufficient to get you banned, but if you do it repeatedly, you're outta here.


  • IP number was blocked for repeatedly deleting the entire text of the Weapons of mass deception article and replacing it with the phrase, "France sucks." (Block lifted on March 30, 2003)
  • IP number has been blocked for deleting the entire text of both the Weapons of mass deception article and its corresponding talk page. (Block lifted on March 30, 2003)
  • IP number has been blocked for deleting the entire text of six different articles. (Block lifted on April 28, 2003)
  • The IP range 142.177.*.* was banned on May 3, 2003 for repeated postings of unsubstantiated fabrications coupled with belligerent language and a general failure to "play well with others." This user appears to be the same as Wikipedia User "24" who has been banned there as well as from Meta-Wikipedia and MeatBallWiki. The block was lifted on May 17, 2003 but reimposed on October 29 after several complaints from other users. (On 9/11/03, for example, user "Artificial Intelligence" noted that IP number had created and/or redirected a number of pages on the variant War On Terrorism, etc. ... including Moron Terror.) 142.177.*.* is a self-proclaimed "troll" who sometimes shows intelligence and knowledge but who seems to delight in arbitrary behavior and antagonizing other users.
  • IP number was blocked on July 23, 2003 for deleting the entire text of four articles. (Block lifted on August 28, 2003)
  • IP number was blocked on July 31, 2003 for creating several racist, pro-Nazi propaganda articles including "Hitler" and "final solution." (Block lifted on August 28, 2003)
  • IP number was blocked on August 28, 2003 for several acts of vandalism. (block lifted on October 29, 2003)
  • 8/31/03 IP number was blocked after vandalizing this file, War, and Prodemca files. (Block lifted on October 29, 2003)
  • IP number was blocked on October 13, 2003 for creating two articles consisting of profanity and insults. (Block lifted on November 14, 2003)
  • IP numbers and were blocked on October 24 and 25, 2003 after committing several vandalisms of the Jack Oliver file. (Block lifted on November 29, 2003)
  • IP numbers and were blocked on November 29, 2003 after arbitrarily deleting the content of 11 pages created by Bob Burton. Apparently this user didn't like Bob's edits on an article and lacked the maturity to discuss it with him before throwing a temper tantrum. The proper way to deal with disagreements is to look for a consensus that all parties can accept. If you have strong disagreements with someone about an article, you can discuss them on the talk page for that article and exchange emails. That's a more mature way to deal with differences than namecalling and arbitrary vandalism.
  • Anonymous posting from IP numbers listed on domain name server block lists (DNSBLs) was blocked on January 9, 2004, following a series of abusive postings. DNSBLs are frequently used by email spammers and others engaged in abusive Internet practices and have been a problem on Wikipedia as well as on the SourceWatch.
  • IP number was blocked on January 14, 2004 for repeated vandalism to the Richard M. Nixon article.

Vandalism Reports

  • 4/18/03 09:17 (EST) IP number created vulgar "Barnes Report" page (corrected).
  • IP number has created bogus information for The Freedom Forum. AI 4/8/03 09:28 (EST) (corrected)
  • 5/3/03 14:57 (EST) IP number created the bogus Judith A. Reisman page.
  • 5/31/03 IP number created a bizarre United States page
  • 8/8/03 IP number deleted Jim Lobe news article at Project for the New American Century. AI 8/9/03 06:53 (EDT)
  • 8/10/03 IP number deleted Craig Rosebraugh article. AI 13:08 (EDT)
  • 8/20/03 IP number posted the full text of a "Nigerian scam" email.
  • 9/2/03 IP number deleted text of Ibrahim El-Hibri. Restored last edit prior to text deletion. AI 18:40 (EDT)
  • 9/7/03 IP number deleted the content in Soft money and created a page with gibberish.
  • 9/11/03 IP number created a weird, seemingly "pro-jihad" screed involving some cult religion.
  • 9/19/03 IP number deleted content of Dark Winter.
  • 9/27/03 IP number made contributions to Terrorism as propaganda 13:23; Noam Chomsky 13:20 (Talk) (chomsky, revolutionary anarchist and linguist); Anarchism 13:16; AFTER making a nonsense entry at the American Civil Rights Coalition 13:09...(heh.). Because I do not have the expertise to assess these contributions, and based on the nonsense entry, I suggest that someone better qualified check these entries. --AI 9/27/03 08:13 (EDT)
  • 9/28/03 vandalized Private Military Corporations
  • 11/26/03 IP number created two talk pages full of name-calling, insults and profanity.
  • 11/29/03 IP number essentially deleted numerous articles, often stating that he/she was removing "technical" material. -- 03:40 (EST) AI
  • 12/01/03 IP number created a nonsense file for Iraq Foundation. -- 15:05 (EST) AI
  • 12/6/03 IP number added vulgarity to Bush administration/Project for the New American Century. -- 02:42 (EST) AI
  • 12/21/03 Talk:Banana Republicans; 00:12 . . argumentative, apparently with a grudge against SR's differing perspective on Tiananmen Square events.
  • 1/2/04 IP number deleted/vandalized Hulf McRae Ltd and Media watch files. Files have been restored. -- 06:37 (EST) AI
  • 1/6/04 IP number -- vandalized war propaganda. Files will be restored. -- 17:00 (EST) AI
  • 1/21/04 IP deleted almost the entire contents of this file.
  • 1/21/04 IP created a bogus article about the Dalai Lama.
  • 2/19/04 IP deleted contents of Paul Driessen page - BB
  • 3/11/04 IP deleted contents of Third Way, Gus Whitcomb, American Patrol and Liberty Lobby -- bob
  • 4/06/04 IP altered text of Weapons of Mass Destruction, talking about "Weapons of Kick-ass Destruction" Mutternich 14:46, 6 Apr 2004 (EDT)
  • 5/12/04 IP deleted contents of Bush-Cheney '04 Inc. and replaced it with junk
  • 5/13/04 IP inserted nonsense about "Courtney Nicole" into Islamic caliphate in two separate edits