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Special Operations Consulting-Security Management Group (SOC-SMG) is a U.S. based private military company employing 300 former US soldiers in Iraq. They provide services in force protection, personal security, convoy security operations, consulting and threat assessment, and training.

They have also been recently hired to provide protection for the Iraqi polling sites in the US. [1]


SOC-SMG is one of five companies contracted by the Army Corps of Engineers' Captured Enemy Ammunition program. Over a half million tons of weapons in Saddam's storage facilities with made-in -labels from all around the world are expected to exist. [2]

SOC-SMG also prepares intelligence briefs in Iraq. In October 2004 they released a report that stated 2300 attacks had occurred in the thirty days leading up to September 28, 2004. [3]

They are a member of the Private Security Company Association of Iraq.

Expulsion from Namibia

SOC-SMG had set up a base in Namibia sometime in 2007 to recruit war veterans from the area to work in Iraq and Afghanistan. The company stated they had planned to recruit up to 4,000 Namibians with military experience to work as security guards in the Southwest Asia. On October 10th, 2007, the Namibian government announced they had ordered the closure of SOC-SMG's base and deported two US citizens from the company, chief of operations Fredric Piry and Paul Grimes, the company's representative in Namibia. [4]


Key People

Contact details

2393 Heybourne Road
Minden, Nevada 89423
Phone: 866-369-9100 (toll free)
Phone: 775-783-9277
Fax: 775-783-9366
Web: http://soc-smg.com