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Spectrum Science Communications is a Washington D.C.-based PR firm that describes itself as "one of only four independent firms in the USA that specialize exclusively in health care public relations." Spectrum was founded in 1996 and offers PR, public affairs, interactive web design, creative services, and international services through its "GLOBALHealthPR" partnership. [1]

Pfizer declares a ceasefire

Spectrum is the public affairs agency for the drug company Pfizer Inc. In January 2006, PR Week reported that "Pfizer, through its public affairs agency Spectrum Science, hopes to open dialogue about, and ultimately reform, the nation's healthcare system." For Pfizer, Spectrum started organizing "Ceasefire on Healthcare" town meetings in June 2005. The idea, according to PR Week, was originally from former U.S. Senator John Breaux. [2]

"The thrust of the campaign ... is to make incremental changes," said Claire Barnard, director of public affairs at Spectrum. "I think the public is really yearning for this. I think people are tired of turning on the TV and seeing all the name calling." The "Ceasefire on Healthcare" town meetings are funded by Pfizer and American University, and have featured Senator Hillary Clinton and former Congressman Newt Gingrich. C-Span has covered the events, which have been held at the Brookings Institution, Heritage Foundation and National Press Club. [3]

PR work

PR work as described on their website:[1]

  • Disease awareness - "Disease awareness or health education is a powerful tool. An educational program not only engenders corporate good will, but offers a potent marketing strategy"
  • Corporate communications (Corporate reputation) - "Defining a corporate presence, finding creative and newsworthy story angles, and targeting the right media contribute to Spectrum's winning approach for companies that depend on careful projection and maintenance of the ideal corporate image and reputation"
  • Media relations - "The proliferation of health care Web sites, mass and niche media provide a vast array of channels through which to communicate your news and information"
  • Clinical trial recruitment - "Whether it is reaching out to a community in a crowded therapeutic area or honing in on a difficult-to-recruit patient population, Spectrum knows how to promote your clinical trial to drive enrollment"
  • Public affairs (lobbying) - they give their clients "a voice in federal, state, and local policy arenas", their workers coming from "Capitol Hill, political campaigns, and advocacy groups understand the legislative and regulatory processes and know how to influence key policymakers"
  • Grassroots mobilization
  • Crisis management


Current and former clients, from news accounts and their website: [4][5]


From their website: [2]


Income and employee totals

O'Dwyer's PR lists Spectrum as earning $6,412,232 in net fees in 2006, down 26% from the previous year. It notes the firm has 48 employees. [3]

In 2007, net fees increased 10.7% over the previous year, to $7,100,134. [4]

Contact details

2000 K Street, NW
Second Floor
Washington, DC 20006-1890
Phone: (202) 955-6222
Fax: (202) 955-0044
Email: info AT spectrumscience.com
Web: http://www.spectrumscience.com

Their web site states that "Spectrum is located in downtown Washington, DC in the heart of health care federal government agencies, medical professional associations, and political key influencer organizations that affect health care policy." [5]


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