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"All Seasons Chalice & The StarHouse were co-founded and constructed by a small group of people dedicated to the principles of Sacred Geometry, StarWisdom, Sacred Union, Mythical Theatre and Community Ceremony. This beautiful, land-based temple was built between 1989-90. Since then we’ve served as a sacred meeting place for humanity and the Divine as a living temple offering itself to the world in the spirit of Trans-denominational spirituality and the unity of all faiths and traditions. We have served spiritual seekers in the Front Range and beyond for over 20 years and welcome you...

"Each event at The StarHouse is able to fill it with the appropriate energy for that particular purpose. The ‘core events’ include Solar Celebrations (Solstices and Equinoxes); Lunar events (Full and New Moons); and The Path of the Ceremonial Arts Program. Many groups rent the space for public and private events, like weddings."[1]

StarFire Research Group

"For two decades, a group has gathered annually to discuss the intercommunication of stars, earth, and humanity. We share discoveries, and try out ideas. The long conversations that we have often open up entirely new ways of perceiving the world within its cosmic background.

"At times this group has grown to twenty, and at times has included a handful who have followed each other’s careers over this period of time. Often we build swiftly on each other’s observations, and our conversations become wellsprings for important revelations. Sometimes we disagree, and we have to hash out our varying views to get closer to the truth. The main organs of communication of research are through this site and through the Journal for Star Wisdom.

"The foundational pillars for this group are three: 1.) Anthroposophy – the philosophy pioneered by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), and continually developed by others. Anthroposophy understands each human being as spirit expressing through soul manifesting through a divinely-designed body. This contrasts strongly with the materialistic tendencies of our time. From an anthroposophic point of view, it becomes more important to understand the influences of the unseen – though this "unseen" is being seen by more and more people. 2.) Astrosophy – "Star Wisdom" – from astro (star) – sophia (the divine principle of wisdom), an intelligent form of astrology (from astro, star, pattern, logos), rooted in astronomy (astro, star, naming or describing, nomy). This approach uses the sidereal approach – equal-size constellations that one can see in the heavens – and traces its roots to the ancient School of Zarathustra. 3.) Esoteric Christianity. We experience in our time a growing polarity between a rise in atheism – the matter that we see is all that there is – and an increasing fundamentalism in many religions – dogmatic certainty about how the world was formed and where it is going. "Esoteric" means hidden or not in full view – we are interested in the living being of the Christ-Light, and how that is working with individuals, humanity, and the earth.

Let us introduce ourselves, the ones in the core, and our closest associates: William Bento, Brian Gray , Claudia McLaren Lainson, Sally Nurney, Robert Powell, Robert Schiappacasse, David Tresemer [2]


Accessed September 2013: [3]

Additional ASC Board Members

ASC Ministerial body

Accessed September 2013: [4]

"The ASC Ministerial body tends to the spiritual well-being of The StarHouse itself and the spiritual values inherent within the ASC Mission Statement. It is currently composed of eleven ordained men and women who, in addition to having personal ministries within and beyond ASC, devote a significant amount of their time to the spiritual needs of the temple and its parent non-profit organization."



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