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Sterling International Consulting Corporation (SICC) is a Michigan-based PR company.

According to a company disclosure under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, in 2002 the company was hired by the Government of Pakistan "to work with the news media on behalf of the foreign principal to promote a favorable image. The registrant will provide grassroots planning and assistance in organizing, expanding and mobilizing Pakistan's support base". [1]

Former Weber Shandwick staffer, Don Pero, heads SICC. In October 2002 Pero told O'Dwyer's PR Daily that Pakistan wanted a PR firm that was located in the heartland. "We have a very different perspective from those living inside the Beltway," he said. [2]

Pero told O'Dwyers that he would "roll out various themes and concepts throughout the year to create a favourable image for the country that is a vital ally in President Bush's war on terror." As for stories critical of his client, Pero explained that he would contact the author and provide them with "background, response and clarification".

To mobilise supporters of the military regime amongst the members of the Pakistani-American community, Pero explained that he would provide "message surrogates" with "talking points and media training." he told O'Dwyers that he would "stimulate a grassroots campaign via e-mails, letters-to-the editor, one-on-one communications and newsletters."

According to O'Dwyers PR daily, while at Weber Shandwick, Pero advised He has General Motors, Amway, ACDelco, and the Detroit Institute of the Arts.

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