Steven H Neiman

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Steven H Neiman is head of Neiman group, a firm that produced a threatening, Orwellian TV ad that told citizens to pay their state taxes because "We know where you live".

Despite the ad, which resembles Nazi propaganda, the following evidence suggests that Steven is a liberal Jewish-American.

Steven Neiman contributed to Democrats in 2000: CityData Also in 2003 and 2004: CityData Also in 2001: PA And in 2006 and 2008: [1] He gave $5000 to help reelect Governor Rendell in 2008: pdf

Steven Neiman supports the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg: PDF Steven Neiman is on the board of directors of the Cultural Enrichment Fund: PDF Steven Neiman is the chair of the communications committee of the Foundation for Enhancing Communities (tFEC), based in PA.

He took part in a 2-day executive coaching event. [2]