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Stevens Express Leasing, Inc. is alleged to have been involved in extraordinary rendition.

Legal Counsel

Legal counsel for Stevens is Douglas R. Beaty, a real estate lawyer who is located at the same address. Stevens was incorporated by Mark E. Klass (see Devon Holding & Leasing, Inc.), who is now a judge in Lexington, NC. [1]

Planes Registered to Stevens

The following are identified according to Number, Maker Model, and Serial Number (as of January 2006). [2]

  • N173S - Beech B300 - s/n FM-4
  • N845S - Douglas DC3 - s/n 25509 (43-48248)
  • N4009L - Raytheon B300C - s/n FM-9
  • N4042J - Beech B200 - s/n BB-874

Contact Information

8130 Country Village Drive, Suite 101
Cordova, TN 38016
Located in Shelby County, TN

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