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Stoorza, Ziegaus, Metzger & Hunt is a public relations firm with offices in San Francisco and Sacramento.


In 1998 the San Diego Reader reported that Stoorza, Ziegaus, Metzger & Hunt had run the "'Yes on C' downtown baseball stadium campaign". It also reported that, two years after having retreated from being involved in the advertising business, it had established a new advertising unit called Third Eye, which was headed by Camille Sobrian. [1]

In a June 2007 jobs wanted posting, a former Stoorza, Ziegaus, Metzger & Hunt employee, Lori Sinsley, outlined that while she worked at the company between April 1994 and February 1997 she had

  • prepared "press releases, opinion editorials, letters-to-the-editor and coordinated editorial board meetings to influence perceptions on issues including the bid of Pacific Bell to enter the long-distance market and the bid of PG&E to deregulate California's electric utility market". She also wrote that part of her work was "creating influential lobbying materials for public affairs team and building and promoting third-party stakeholder support";
  • she wrote that she "served as director of Pacific Telesis Group's Advanced Telecommunications Coalition and coordinated members’ communications. Helped build coalition; drafted legislative testimony and secured members to testify at public hearings, lend support to letter writing campaigns and provide media commentary";
  • "Conducted primary research, spearheaded letter-writing campaigns and tracked legislative and CPUC activities for Southern California Edison related to California’s Zero Emission Vehicle mandate"; and
  • "Developed and conducted audit of California Business Roundtable members’ corporate social responsibility initiatives; compiled executive summary report." [2]


Former Personnel

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555 Capitol Mall, Ste. 600
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-446-6667

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