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"In 2014, at the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade, the leaders of four African nations - Chad, Tanzania, Gabon, Botswana, and Ethiopia – made a firm commitment to securing a sustainable future for elephants across the continent.

"They founded the Elephant Protection Initiative

"Stop Ivory serves as the secretariat to the EPI, which is an African-led, results-oriented partnership initiative to stop the illegal ivory trade and implement the continental African Elephant Action Plan as well help support the delivery of national elephant action plan that align with the wider continental plan." [1]

  • John Stephenson - CEO Stop Ivory, Co-Secretariat of the EPI - "John is a former senior diplomat with significant experience in international and multi-lateral relations. He has worked extensively in Africa, an experience which stimulated an abiding passion for conservation. "
  • Keith Roberts - Co-Secretariat of the EPI, Conservation International
  • Winnie Kiiru - Regional Technical Advisor

Board of Trustees[2]

US Board of Trustees

Panel of Advisors[3]

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  • n 1989, President Daniel Arap Moi of Kenya set fire to 12 tonnes of ivory


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