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The Stop the War Coalition (STWC) was formed on 21 September 2001 at a public meeting of over 2,000 people in London. The organisation co-ordinated, in conjunction with Muslim Association of Britain and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, massive demonstrations in London against wars in Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003).

Organisations from the British 'old left' tend to predominate the coalition, especially trade unions and socialist/communist groups. STWC has been accused of operating as a quasi-front for the Socialist Worker Party [1].

Steering committee

The following people were elected to the Stop the War Coalition Steering Committee in 2004: [2]

Campaign groups

Political parties

STWC Staff

  • Ghada Razuki (STWC Office)
  • Andrew Burgin (STWC Press)
  • Niall Sookoo (STWC Press)

Unions/representatives from unions

Contact details

Stop the War Coalition
27 Britannia Street

Email: office AT (replace AT with @)
Tel: 020 7278 6694


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Articles on alleged domination of STWC by the Socialist Workers Party: