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James Dale Davidson writes: "At Strategic Investment you can access one of the most powerful networks of inside connections. I have sat shoulder to shoulder with figures like George Bush Sr., Steve Forbes, Margaret Thatcher, Sir Roger Douglas, Boris Yeltsin, Carlos Menem, John Browne, Bill and Hillary Clinton to name but a few. And it is my access to powerful inside connections like these that have been the reason that Strategic Investment has often been referred to as an “Investor’s CIA”…

"Lord William Rees-Mogg and I first invented the theory of Megapolitics in the ‘80s, and it is one on which we have based all our forecasts to date, including the ones we set out in our 3 bestselling books (Blood in the Streets, The Great Reckoning and The Sovereign Individual.)

"And we believe it is the reason behind our success, and the reason why we have been able to predict (and even profit) off events that others claimed were “impossible”… and why everyone from the World Bank to Heads of State… from the titans of yesterday to the titans of today have subscribed to our advice…" [1] Bonner's involvement


Accessed July 2013: [2]



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  • James writes "I first made Erika Nolan’s acquaintance about two years ago, at the behest of my long-time friend, Bill Bonner. Bill, who runs Agora Publishing, told me that Erika was to become the publisher of Strategic Investment. When I first met her, I liked her immediately." [1]


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