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Strumpette is a blog on the PR industry.

Howard Kurtz gives a shout out to an anonymous team of PR industry bloggers who are posting under the identity of "Strumpette," a slutty expert in marketing communications with "perfect perky boobs" who "sprinkles high-toned dissections of the flaws and foibles of the PR business with personal insults and the occasional expletive. Strumpette's posts are quite pugnacious, under such headlines as 'PR Mega-Firm's CEO Caught in Big Lie', 'Exposing the Communist Blogifesto' and 'Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Viagra for the PR Business.'" Some PR people think she is "vicious," while another damns the blog with faint praise, saying it is "marginally funny, and acts like a stripper in a nursing home." [1]

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