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Sudan Human Rights Organization SHRO-Cairo was formed in 1991 and "is a Sudanese human rights and democracy entity. The organization is fully committed to the struggle for the preservation of human rights independently from any government or opposition group.

"SHRO-Cairo disseminates human rights and democracy information that aims to insure the recognition, realization, and enjoyment of human rights norms and principles as enshrined in regional and international human rights instruments and covenants as an integral part of the Constitution, State, and Civil Society of Sudan. All laws in Sudan must guarantee full equality of citizens, women or men, on the basis of citizenship without discrimination on grounds of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, culture, political ideology, economic status, or lifestyle. The Sudanese Human Rights Quarterly does not impose any particular political, religious or racial orientation on any particular groups against their will. Our reports are very keen about reporting and publicizing only the Truth, as far as human rights research is concerned." [1]

"We are deeply indebted to all human rights organizations for their continuous support to the cause of human rights in our country and the encouragement they continue to offer to SHRO-Cairo. We extend with full respect and appreciation our best greetings to all human rights activists, supporters, and sympathizers all over the world. Special gratitude is expressed to the generous support of the U.S.-based Endowment for Democracy to our SHRO-Cairo human rights and democracy programs.

"There are many Sudanese activists who helped a great deal to boost our human rights activities in and out Sudan. We mention with great affection the late Professor Mohamed Omer Beshir, the founder of the Sudan Human Rights Organization, and the late Dr. Abdel-Wahab Sinada who was a prominent trade unionist as well as an international human rights activist. Special regards are due Ustaz Farouq Abu Eissa, Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union, and the SHRO President, Dr. Amin Mekki Medani, Chair of the historic meeting that established our active Organization at the AOHR office space in Cairo.

"This SHRO-Cairo independent site has been diligently designed and brought to life by the artistic talent of Dr. Marlyn Tadros in close collaboration with the SHRO-Cairo team. Our team included the SHRO-Cairo Secretary General Ustaz Mohamed Hassan Daoud, Board Member Ustaza Zeinab Osman, SHRO-Cairo Friend Dr. Hassan Abu Zaid, and a large number of human rights activists including this editor." [3]

Received support from the NED in 1995, 1997 and 2004. [4]



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