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The Sudan Open Archive "is an expanding collection of documents covering all regions of Sudan. It has been developed by the Rift Valley Institute with support from UNICEF, UNEP and the Southern Sudan Centre for Census, Statistics and Evaluation. The Archive uses open-source Greenstone software, developed by DL Consulting. It can be accessed on computers running Windows, Unix or Mac OS/X. It is available online and also as a freestanding disk-based application on CD and DVD. The work of the Archive is guided by an international advisory board composed of area specialists and technical experts." [1]

  • Director - Dan Large - School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London
  • Project Manager - Maraka Ewoi - Kenya

Advisory Board

Accessed October 2007: [2]


"Thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their support and assistance in the establishment of the Archive and/or for permission for the reproduction of material: Bellario Ahoy, Khalid el Amin, Stefan Boddie, Mike Cave, Sophie Cleave, Compactive Digital Services (Budapest), Zoe Cormack, Jean-Francois Darcq, Marilyn Deegan, Michael Dewsnip, Sebastiana Etzo, Tim Fison, Isabel Fonseca, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Hugh Greathead, Makila James, Douglas Johnson, the J. M. Kaplan Fund, Jonathan Kingdon, Aniko Kiraly, Samson Kwaje, Sean Loughna, Zoe Marriage, Andrew Mawson, James Morton, Margaret Nduati, the Open Knowledge Network, Mohamed Osman, Faruk Rana, Save The Children (UK) South Sudan, Buzz Sharp, Victor Tanner, Hamish Tristram, Neil Turner, UNEP, UNICEF, Ferdinand von Hapsburg, Emily Walmsley, Justin Willis, Paul Wilson." [3]



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