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Sugerman Communications Group was founded by Steve Sugerman, a former Fleishman-Hillard executive.


The only personnel listed on the company website founder Steve Sugerman "whose career highlights include serving as Deputy Mayor to former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan and holding executive positions at two of the world's largest public relations firms." [1]

It states that other unspecified "members of the SCG team" have experience from "High-level posts at international public-affairs and marketing firms"; "positions at city hall, overseeing such matters as communications, scheduling and press relations" and "an array of journalistic credits, including reporting posts at major daily newspapers."


SCG does not publicly disclose its client list. On its website it states that it "provides public affairs consulting services for a variety of associations, corporations, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and governmental entities. A list of clients, along with case studies, is available upon request." [2]

On its website it claims that it is known "for its big-firm talent and small-firm style" and that "some of our best work never makes it into the news. In some cases, it is the words we urge our clients not to say that end up making the difference." [3]

It does list some examples oif its work as including:

  • "Serving as media strategists and spokespeople during contentious and closely-watched labor negotiations that garnered national and international headlines, caused economic impacts felt around the globe and resulted in active White House involvement;"
  • "Producing advocacy materials used by government and business leaders to lobby Congress in support of a transportation infrastructure project of national economic significance;"
  • "Building relationships and creating partnerships between a leading health-care industry association, based in Washington, D.C., and the Hollywood creators of entertainment programming";
  • "Managing communications on behalf of a prominent city and its school district with the media, community stakeholders and government entities during an intense period of publicity and litigation related to alleged environmental problems;" and
  • "Advising a group of academic and community leaders seeking to embark on a statewide campaign to reform public education in California."

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