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Summit Communications is a New-York based public relations firms that produces "special country, regional, and sectoral promotional reports" that are inserted into the New York Times as advertising supplements.

"Through an exclusive arrangement with The New York Times Advertising Department, Summit Communications has published over 112 reports since 1999, reaching the most influential decision-makers in the American political, financial, and economic communities," it states on its website.

"All too often, the crisis-driven orientation of American news outlets results in insufficient coverage of the sweeping reforms and positive developments taking place in emerging markets. Our reports aim to redress this imbalance by providing an opportunity for key public and private sector leaders to address the positive evolution of their nations' economic development and business environments. Through extensive research and interviews with top government officials and key business leaders, Summit Communications presents balanced and constructive portraits highlighting legislative reforms, good governance, improvements in business climates, and opportunities for partnership and investment," it states. [1]

Up-Beat About Sudan

The Government of Sudan -- tired of international media focusing on the country's ongoing genocide -- paid for an upbeat eight-page advertising insert in Monday's New York Times. O'Dwyer's PR Daily reports that Summit Communications prepared the insert which "extols the investment opportunities in the energy-rich state" but "has no rebuttal to United Nations and U.S. accusations that the Sudanese Government is funding the Arab militia that have raped, murdered and driven two million Darfur villagers into refugee camps." [2] In their "Africa Policy Outlook 2006" report, Foreign Policy In Focus writes that this year "is likely to be the pivotal year in determining the course of U.S. relations with Sudan and the ultimate response to the genocide in Darfur." [3]

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