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The last two additions to the Abu Ghraib page were relocated from section stating the case to recent details. The basic case remains the same, it is the emerging details which, well, emerge. As new details become "old news", they are relocated to the pertinent article to make room for more ... [sigh] .... emerging details.

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Addendum ... after attempting to locate the citation for the following, discovered that it was a duplicate (in essence) of the Josh White, et al. article already posted on the page!

Since this page grows (and gets reorganized so frequently), please check (due to space limitations) before adding material. Thanks .. AI

In its May 21, 2004, editions, the Washington Post also reported that it had "published new photographs and shots from a video of the alleged abuse and sexual humiliation of Iraq prisoners by U.S. soldiers. The newspaper said the material, including secret sworn statements from prisoners, came from evidence being assembled from investigations into possible criminal charges against U.S. soldiers."

I hesitate to post this article here ... yet ... but Asia Times has an interesting point to report dating from May 13, 2004: "The war of the snuff videos."

"It will get worse. ... The war of the snuff videos may have deadly repercussions. This hardcore jihad propaganda stunt [i.e. Nick Berg] - if it's real - may encourage different sectors of the Iraqi resistance to join, to the delight of Washington neo-cons who want an all-out clash of civilizations-cum-total war. The majority of Americans don't seem to have the stomach to go primal, but the impatience already expressed by many people in Texas may eventually signal the go-ahead for total war without mercy."