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Anonymous user (IP # has challenged the existence of global warming in the Overview FAQ by referring to an NSF study that he says shows the south pole is cooling, not warming."[1] However, a cooling trend in Antarctica constitutes local cooling and does not contradict the large body of evidence showing that global warming is occurring. As the Christian Science Monitor reported, Dr. Peter Dornan, who authored the NSF study, "holds that any cooling down south comes as cold comfort in the face of climate-change predictions because Antarctica's temperature record 'is already included in the global averages that show the climate is warming.'"[2] Saying that local cooling contradicts global warming is inaccurate and therefore fails to meet the SourceWatch's "fairness and accuracy" standard. Moreover, this general discussion of global warming does not relate directly to the issues in this particular article, which deal with specific abuses of methodology by the Global Climate Coalition. --Sheldon Rampton 13:36 22 Mar 2003 (EST)