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In his late Jan 2006 column, Caruba complained that an earlier version of SourceWatch article stated that Caruba "maintains several web sites" and proceeded to include,, and

"Three other sites are attributed to me:,, and However, these sites are the property of a Washington, DC firm called Broadcast Interview Source. I do not own or "maintain" them," he wrote.

The SW article was corrected. However, in just having a look on Caruba's site I can see how the original error came about. On his own site it states "The following Internet sites operate under the aegis of The Caruba Organization or are affiliated with it:

   * The Caruba Organization
   * Bookviews
   * Expert Click"

The extent of Alan's affiliation with the latter three is as a paying customer. It seems that while a reasonable reader may interpret the word "affiliated" to imply some close formal organisational link Alan uses it to describe his role as a paying customer. Sloppy writing Alan.--Bob Burton 23:54, 18 Feb 2006 (EST)