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The paragraph at the bottom is not from the AJC website. It is hate speech which misrepresents Israel and Jews. The author uses the term "Zionist" incorrectly, and the paragraph itself is poorly written. In short, this a highly-biased propaganda-piece. I will rewrite this section. UPDATE: The section has been rewritten and posted. As a note, disagreeing with an organization's position is no reason to slander it. The corrected article that I posted is based on a variety of sources, not personal sentiments or hateful conspiracy theories.

I have relocated this here pending a rewrite. I'd prefer to set out what the organisation is and does first, source the activities to the AJC sebsite (asssuming that is where its from) and rewrite the last par which assumes a familiarity with issues (such as the 'spying scandal'). And I think we would be better off toning down the rhethoric and letting readers decide for themelves, based on the primary source cited material in the article, whether AJC engages in "pro-Israeli/Zionist proselytizing and propaganda." As with the Shoebat article, I'm on the road for a few days and won't get back to this until next week, Bob

The American Jewish Committee is a Zionist lobby and political action group which serves as the foreign policy wing of the Israel lobby. It has 33 chapters across the United States, which engage in pro-Israeli/Zionist proselytizing and propaganda.

AJC engages in the following activities:

  1. Talking or lobbying political leaders
  2. Organizing political action (for voting in Congress, etc.)
  3. Coalition building (It organizes/helps other groups, e.g., Hispanic-Americans, to become more effective lobbyists, and they seek to obtain political advantage from such alliances).
  4. Send journalists, student leaders, opinion formers, etc., to Israel for a coordinated program educating them on the Israeli perspective.
  5. Create pressure groups to affect organizations that are seen as hostile to Israel, e.g., UN Watch is such a AJC-instigated project.
  6. Create organizations to lobby and influence large constituencies about Israel and other AJC pet projects.
  7. Production of nefarious propaganda to smear those opposed to Israel, e.g., Hezbollah.

While AIPAC is usually touted to be the main pro-Israeli lobby, or "The Lobby", in reality this is an erroneous appreciation of the Zionist lobby. AIPAC's role is mostly related to influencing the U.S. political scene, but other organizations, e.g., AJC do the same. Some of their activities overlap, and on occasion the responsibilities are shifted from one to the other. For example, when AIPAC became notorious due to the spying scandals some of its functions were passed to the other zionist organizations to allay public attention. The leadership of these organizations meet on a monthly basis.