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Edit note

I removed the following unreferenced material from the article page pending the addition of a reference.--Bob Burton 07:50, 1 September 2009 (EDT)

"Previously named NASCON's, the National Association of Senior Concerns. Website slogan: "FINALLY! A Conservative Alternative to the AARP!"[citation needed]

Edit note 2

"Typical positions by ASA: American Seniors Association (ASA) Against Government-Run Health Care,<ref>[1]

this headline was one posted by a blogger to a Fox News story which quoted ASA -- the but the headline can't be attributed as representing the words of the ASA.

" American Seniors Association takes on AARP over healthcare.[2]"

the actual article is rather confusing. The headline refers to the "American Seniors Association" but the first par refers the Alberta Seniors Association -- as it is Seniors Daily is a Canadian website.--~~~~