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Americans for Limited Government, Inc. is a conservative lobbying group that, as the name implies, advocates limited government. Its mission statement boasts an "aggressive, non-partisan approach posed by an ever expanding government," and includes a blurb from Ed Crane who founded Cato Institute with financial backing from the Koch Brothers.

While calling itself a grassroots organization, the biggest donor by far is Donors Capital Fund, which has contributed 8.6 million.[1] According to research by the Guardian and Think Progress, Donors Capital Fund acts as a channel through which right-wing donors can secretly funnel money to climate-denying and islamophobic groups without fear of accountability.[2][3]

Tea Party Link

In a 2008 interview, online activist Eric Odom explained that the Tea Party movement was largely an "outgrowth of ... visions and dreams from some people who started at Americans for Limited Government."[4]



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